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This is a great entry and definitely leaves the reader wanting more. - Stacia - Apr-09-2014 Five years after the hunt for the 'Xena Scrolls', Janice, working for a rich art collector, is trying to solve the riddle of an ancient scroll. - x/g fanfic fanatic - Jan-19-2010 Outstanding read - Mar - Jan-23-2010 Outstanding! Well worth giving this story quality time to enjoy it - Valdez1966 - Feb-23-2010 A great offshoot story from the writer of one of the best Stat Trek: Voyager Fiction Series out there. Forgot to add my Name to the recommendation above - Sorry Fletcher - Kugai - Mar-03-2010 Fletcher De Lancey is a wonderful author and I have read everything she has written. - Anonymous - May-19-2010 I love this story and am glad to hear that there will be more coming in the series! Amazing plot, great characters, always love a strong warrior but enjoyed the inner strength of Salomen. - colorado fan - May-05-2015 Trekgrrl is the new superstar of ST: V fanfic. This series ranks at the top of my list for favorite Voyager stories. The characters in Trekgrrl's stories are likeable and still believable. - Anonymous - Aug-01-2008 OMFG WOOT....i was sick of looking purple all the time..good to breath again, maybe the oxygen to my brain may improve it.....i'm just about to read this update but wanted to say to people if you haven't read this series..are seriously missing out on some brilliant bloomin writing...read the stories..Janeway would say 'Do it'....i will come back and write something after i've actually read this installment Lo L! Awwww thanks for writing another part *sends hugs whilst going off to read it* - Casper - Aug-07-2008 I enjoyed this update very much. - Anonymous - Aug-09-2008 A suspenseful mystery, a romance that isn't rushed, vivid descriptions, a great sense of humor, and spot-on characterizations all combined in one great story. It's clearly the best story I've read in a long time. But an irresistible half-demon and a cop without hope . If you are at all into tech stuff, these are especially fun.