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A large shore-based crane was working on the Queen on Thursday. The Reserve arrived in the early morning hours with a load of coal for the Louisiana Pacific plant. The Jacklyn M and barge Integrity were in port Wednesday evening and is delivering to Detroit and Toledo. She was advertised in a recent edition of Boats & Harbors. This was an old Zenith Dredge tug that began life as an excursion steamer. Marine Tech of Duluth is in Oswego, NY with their big tug to pick up a barge for delivery west. #2 along with the tugs Tolsma Bay, Houghton, Seneca and Essayons. Old discarded fire hoses are purposely slit at regular intervals to allow water to spray all over the place thus applying water over a larger deck surface area. Accommodation as viewed from the number 4 deck crane. She had been built in Canada in 1846 as a sidewheeler and was seized by the U. 08/28 Gaelic Tugboat Company's tug Roger Stahl has been sold to unnamed southern interests. Reported by: Bert Dopp 08/28 The Birchglen was disabled in the St. Dead in the water, Birchglen immediately dropped both forward anchors and tugs were called and they proceeded to the disabled vessel. the crew reported that they had restored power and were moving forward under their own power. Lambert Lock, there an inspection will be made and determine what caused the failure and see if further repairs are needed. CCGS Port Lambton fueling at the lower harbor marina.